Map of Africa

Infographic Case Study: Endangered Animals in Africa

About This Infographic

This infographic illustrates four legged animals that are endangered on the continent of Africa. It shows you where these animals are natives of, where they are extinct and where they are re-introduced to save them from extinction. Further more it shows you a picture of the animal and a little about their habitat and fears.

This project was a school project to better showcase information that would be useful and interactive for desktop devices.

My Process

My process involved gathering information that would enable me to forecast my design in terms of number of animals and information related to them. Below are the initial stages of figuring out the functionality of the interaction in this infographic.

Static Wireframe

Static Wireframe

Active Wireframe

active Wireframe


After seeing that the basic functionality made sense logically. The final steps where to figure our the perfect color pallete, sieving through all information gathered and finally coding everything to work in perfect harmony.

Below is the final look of the infographic in active mode.

Infographic in action


Information for this infographic came from:

  1. Primary source for infographic was from IUNC Red List
  2. Secondary sources was from World Wild Life
  3. Black Rhino News link